Some Assumptions

Ian Grose

Some Assumptions

Some Assumptions was published to accompany Ian Grose's solo exhibition of the same title, and includes paintings from his previous exhibition New Pictures. As a leitmotif in both exhibitions, Grose uses images of folded, patterned fabrics as a starting point from which to explore the nature and interpretation of painting. However, his more recent work stems from an attempt to see painted images as thresholds between opposites; an integration of both aspects of ultimately reductive conceptual pairs. In an extract from the walkabout given for the Friends of the South African National Gallery, transcribed and published in this catalogue, Grose states:

I heard someone say, 'What does a painting of a floral fabric have to do with a picture of a building falling down and what does that have to do with a still life, etc?' - which of course is a valid question. I thought that this might be a nice mechanism to guide a response to pictures - trying to take advantage of that questioning of the relationship between two apparently dissimilar things. In a sense I feel these pictures have the most meaning in relation to each other, like I'm not exhibiting pictures but rather the spaces between them.

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Published by Stevenson | Catalogue 80, August 2014
Softcover, 76 pages | Price: R200


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