The Other Half: Past and Future Now

Michael MacGarry

The Other Half: Past and Future Now

The catalogue to Michael MacGarry's exhibition The Other Half: Past and Future Now features images of individual works and installation views, and was designed by the artist. It includes an essay by author/journalist Richard Poplak, who writes:

Consider ... the works in this catalogue a means by which to decipher the bones at our feet. Our sangoma is either a futurist or an artist - ultimately, it doesn't matter. His name is Michael MacGarry, and his atelier is a version of Marty McFly's jacked up DeLorean, odometer set for the year 2050, flaming skidmarks criss-crossing this vast continent. For him, there is a shard of gallows humour embedded in the future - as we drive relentlessly onward, we end up tumbling backward. For MacGarry, fetishising progress is a form of moral rot. And he makes it his business to imagine how progress shall metastasize, so that we will know the tumour when we see it, will marvel at it, will Tweet the pictures. ...

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Published by Stevenson | Catalogue 64, June 2012
Softcover, 40 pages | Price: R100