Paul Edmunds


This catalogue accompanies Paul Edmunds' first solo exhibition at Stevenson's Johannesburg gallery. Comprising a series of sculptures, two-dimensional works and an installation, the exhibition explores the artist's sensory engagement with natural phenomena - light, shadow, form and gravity. Edmunds explores these ideas in his signature techniques of cut-out, geometric patterns, weaving and linocut, and revisits objects such as weathered stones and skateboard wheels. He writes:

The works are stripped back to few variables, allowing an in-depth exploration and the registering of small changes. From this address of the particular, the universal is inferred and in this process, I examine my experience as a human animal held by gravity to a large orb, suspended in a near-vacuum, warmed by a star.

Images of the works are accompanied by brief descriptions by the artist, as well as a selection of short observational writings, some of which relate to particular pieces, and others that reflect more broadly at the body of work.

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Published by Stevenson | Catalogue 72, July 2013
Softcover, 28 pages | Price: R100