Life is Shot, Art is Long

Steven Cohen

Life is Shot, Art is Long

The first publication devoted to Steven Cohen since his Taxi book of 2003, Life is Shot, Art is Long takes a retrospective view of works spanning 22 years. These range from the early silkscreens, through such seminal performance pieces as Chandelier (2001/2), Maid in South Africa (2005), Dancing Inside Out (2006) and Golgotha (2009), to his installation of collaged Nazi identity documents, Inscribed in the Book of Life (2010). The richly illustrated catalogue includes an interview with Cohen by Ivor Powell and an essay (in French only) by critic Gérard Mayen on Golgotha.

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Published by Michael Stevenson | 2010
Semi-hardcover, 120 pages | ISBN 978-0-620-46350-8 | Unavailable

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