Cold Fusion: Gods, Heroes and Martyrs

Wim Botha

Cold Fusion: Gods, Heroes and Martyrs

This catalogue accompanies and fully illustrates Wim Botha's solo exhibition of the same title at Michael Stevenson in March/April 2005. Key works include Leda and the swan, a suspended sculpture made out of bone meal and resin; Tremor, an installation comprising a fragmented simulated pressed lead ceiling, stained glass nuclear mushroom clouds, a vanitas painting and other elements; and Premonition of war I-III, comprising bronzes and a burnt wood sculpture installed in relation to framed photographs of clouds made up of puzzle pieces. The catalogue includes a section of source material, including word diagrams and art historical references.

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Published by Michael Stevenson | Catalogue 13, March 2005
Softcover, 34 pages | Unavailable

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