The Drain of Progress

Zander Blom

The Drain of Progress

Subtitled 'A Catalogue Raisonné: 2004-2007', the first publication by Zander Blom is described by the artist in his introduction as 'a corrupted, unachieved, undeserved and incomplete Catalogue Raisonné. A book purposefully designed and produced in a style and format to mimic the type of Catalogue Raisonné associated with an accomplished modernist artist from Europe or North America. The launch of this publication coincides with the opening of a retrospective exhibition, continuing within the same gesture: looking back on a process, currently in its infancy, through a frame that imitates the weight and importance of a late career overview. Although the work suitably fits the insincere and ironic frame which the book and exhibition provide, the act of its making and dedication to accurate contextual placing thereof, is undeniably, and almost regrettably, sincere' (click here to read the full introduction). The book includes 74 colour plates - the artworks comprising photographs that document installations produced in the context of the artist's home in Brixton, Johannesburg - together with a section of detailed notes by the artist on each work, complete with errata sheets.

Published by Rooke Gallery | 2007
Hardcover, 204 pages | ISBN 978-0620-39262-4 | Price: R1 600 | Limited edition of 300 signed and numbered copies


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